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Don’t You Deserve A Home That You Love… And That You Can Enjoy For As Long As You Want?

We Specialize In Home-Safety Remodeling Projects.


Did you know that the average American family buys three homes in their lifetime? First, it's the starter home. But then kids come along and the family grows so they move into a bigger home. But then the kids grow up and move out so they sell the home (that they love and where their kids grew up in) in order to downsize into an "age-appropriate" home that can handle their changing needs.

Why deal with all that?  IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE and change can be exciting.


With modern technology and "universal" designs, families who wish to stay in their home for the long-term now can.

We partner with companies that share our vision for homeowners to have easy, comfortable access to everything in their home. Shelf Genie helps us provide our customers with the best possible options for accessibility in the home.

Your home should reflect your lifestyle and accommodate your needs. It should provide the types of space you need for entertaining with friends, celebrating special days with family, enjoying sleepovers with giggling grandchildren, or watching college football with your recent grad on the new big screen TV. Somehow the term EMPTY NEST doesn’t seem to fit, does it? We prefer the term ACTIVE NEST to describe your home – filled with all the activities and great things that fill your life and make your house a home.

Our mission at Transitions Remodeling is to create a safe and comfortable living environment for everyone. What does that mean? It can mean different things to different people… but our end goal is to help people remain in their home for as long as they wish—even as their needs change--with home-safety remodeling projects.

For example, very few of us ever observe the gyrations, difficulty, and stress that many seniors experience as they quietly struggle to bathe in the privacy of their own home. For years, there were no options and seniors were faced with the glaring reality of a slip and fall. In fact, according to reports by the AARP and the CDC, 80% of all people in nursing homes are there due to complications from fall related injuries. But with a properly designed "universal" plan, those risks can be minimized or avoided entirely.

We know that your time is valuable so we offer very personalized one-on-one service to ensure that your home project reflects your style and your needs.


“Active Nesters” house plans are truly unique. Transitions Remodeling loves planning home-safety remodeling projects for homeowners. We help you design that dream kitchen or bathroom you’ve always wanted or finally open up the kitchen to a new family room addition just in time for the holidays.

Partner with our design team to help you reach your goals with a design that emphasizes open floor plans that are amenity rich – utilizing an efficient use of space. Perfect for those who are exploring their new active lifestyle…

To assist you, we work closely with you as well as case managers and caregivers. Our team consists of CAPS certified occupational therapists, interior designers, carpenters, and construction managers, all with the goal of completing your project beautifully, on time and within budget.

Bottom Line: By using modern universal design, principles to better accommodate the ever-changing lives, lifestyles and life stages of you and your family, your home becomes considerably more “livable” now… and into the future. If you’re interested in home safety, give us a call.

Shelf Genie Shelf Genie

ShelfGenie’s pull out shelves are custom designed and custom made to meet the unique needs of your kitchen, bathroom, and pantry shelves. Our certified installers have are trained to help create the best solutions to organize your kitchen, closets, bathroom vanities, and storage pantry. By providing better access, improved storage and more organizational options, our Glide-Out shelves have allowed homeowners to fall in love with their cabinets and pantries all over again. With ShelfGenie and our affordable Glide-Out shelving solutions, you once again hold the key to kitchen happiness.

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