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Got Questions About Your Bathroom Remodel?

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Bathrooms FAQ

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How much is my bathroom remodel going to cost?

The short answer… it's entirely up to you. Bathroom remodeling is great because you can really do a lot for very little money. Simply replacing your vanity, sink and toilet can make a dramatic difference. Basically, the cost of the remodel will depend entirely on the extent of the remodel you want to accomplish.

Let our team of award winning interior designers help you come up with a plan that will work for you… and your budget.

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What's the difference between your "CONTRACT PRICE" and a "FREE" Estimate.

Another great question and this one is pretty easy to answer. An estimate is by its very definition, simply a rough "guess" as to how much something is going to cost… in this case it's a rough guess on how much it's going to cost you to for bathroom remodeling.

Our price, which you get in writing, is not a "rough" guess. In fact we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that our price won't change. Like sending micro-cameras into your walls so that we can see exactly what we are dealing with. While most bathroom remodeling contractors can't see behind walls and therefore have to "guess"… we don't.

Here at Transitions Remodeling, we pride ourselves on not guessing. Our prices are as accurate as possible. About the only time the contract price will change is if you request a "written" change order.

Simply stated, the contract price is the price you pay.

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What makes a bathroom remodel more or less expensive?

In our experience, it really comes down to how much "wet-work" is necessary. "Wet-work" is an industry term that refers to the water, plumbing and sewer connections that are required in a bathroom. The more the wet work needs to be changed the more expensive the project becomes.

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What other important considerations should I keep in mind?

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting and even better ventilation. Most people don't realize just how important these two items are.

When it comes to proper lighting for bathroom remodeling, homeowners usually underestimate how much light they really need. The most popular option is an overhead light coupled with wall sconces placed above the sinks. This allows for even lighting without casting harsh shadows on your face… which is particularly important for a man when shaving and for a woman applying makeup.

In regards to ventilation… you have to keep in mind just how much moisture accumulates in your bathroom. Without a means of escape this moisture can lead to severe problems… like mold and mildew. Ventilation fans are pretty inexpensive, but it amazes us how many are improperly installed. Don't risk it… just have a competent bathroom remodeling contractor replace your existing fans. That way you'll know that they are in good working order and that they will do the job they were intended to do.

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What should I expect?

Every home is different. Every job is different. But there are some general guidelines as to what you can expect with bathroom remodeling. First is the planning and design phase. This is the most critical aspect of any remodel. There is an old cliché, which we find extraordinarily appropriate when it comes to remodeling; "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." That is why we take such extraordinary steps and as much time as is needed to come up with a plan that works for you—and your budget.

To read more about our process and actually see an example of a plan and the final result just click here.

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