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When We Say No Sales Pressure,
We Mean NO Sales Pressure…

At Transitions Remodeling In Farmington, We Inform, We Educate—You Decide.

No Sales Pressure

If you have ever experienced a home-remodeling project, or even if this is your first time, you have probably noticed how incredibly difficult it is. How difficult it is to find ONE single home-remodeling contractor that can handle ALL of your construction and remodeling needs.

Some companies have fantastic designers, other companies have great carpenters, another company has a great cabinet guy, but trying to find it all under one roof was just near impossible…until now.

At Transitions Remodeling, we have created what we believe to be the PERFECT Home Remodeling and Construction Company in Farmington Hills.

At Transitions Remodeling in Farmington, you sit down and have a frank and honest conversation about your wants and needs with designers, master craftsmen, and even an occupational therapist if you want… just not sales people.

We believe that when presented with the facts and when given options, homeowners can decide for themselves what works best for them. They don't need to be "sold." That's why when we meet with you, you meet with a certified designer, not a salesperson.

Just how committed we are to the "No Sales Pressure," and our "education over intimidation" philosophy:

We would love for you to stop by with pictures of what you like and measurements if you have them. Then we will talk about your budget and help you learn about what your choices are (good, better, best) and what works best for your given situation… and budget. After all, every budget deserves a great design.

We invite you to call Transitions Remodeling today.